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Sports Quiz Questions

With which sport would you most associate the commentator Ted Lowe? Snooker

The 'Green Jacket' is presented to the winner of which sporting event? US MASTERS

From what bridge does the Oxford/Cambridge boat race start? Putney

In which Olympics did Steve Redgrave win his first Olympic gold medal? Los Angeles 1984

In what sport do players take long and short corners? HOCKEY

By what name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento better known? Pele

For half a mark each, give the nationality and the team (2003) of Fernando Alonso, the youngest-ever grand prix winner? Spanish & Renault

What is the 'perfect score' in a game of Ten Pin Bowling? 300

hich current premier league football team had an obsolete nickname of the Glaziers? Crystal Palace

What is the name of the new Leicester Football club stadium? Walkers Stadium

What is the highest-achieveable break in snooker? 155 (one free ball, one black then full 147 break)

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