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Science Quiz Questions

In which organ of the body is insulin produced? (Pancreas)

What is the speed of sound at sea level called? MACH 1

What is aquaculture the scientific name for? Fish Farming

What is the boiling point of water in Farenheight? 212

What on an animal is a Scut? Tail

What are the young of eels called? Elver

What in medicine is Pathology? The Study of Diseases

What type of animal is a corvid? A bird

How many Noble gases are there? Six

What is the largest type of shark? Whale shark

Which disease is characterised by spasmodic contraction of muscles is also called Lockjaw? tetanus

How many bits are there in a byte? Eight

The sternum is the medical name for what? Breastbone

In which organ of the body is the pineal gland? Brain

What type of clock was first introduced by the US National Bureau of Standards in 1949? Atomic Clock (Mollecular)

Which organ is inflamed when one is suffering from Nephritis? Kidney

From the hue of which tree do the Blue Mountains in Australia receive their name? Eucalyptus

What is the better-known Australian relative of the cassowary? Emu

What type of creature is a Basilisk? Lizard

What is the more common name for the Fireweed? Rose Bay willowherb

What is the common name for the Araucaria tree? Monkey Puzzle

What is Hypermetropia? Long Sightedness

What is the S.I. Unit of Force? Newton

W is the symbol for which chemical element? Tungsten

Which planet has an orbital period of 687 days? Mars

What is the more common term used to denote a temperature of nought degrees Kelvin? Absolute Zero

Who was the first pilot to exceed the speed of sound? Charles Yeager

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