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Geography Quiz Questions

What, in population terms, is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world? Mexico

In which country would you find both the rivers Oder and Vistula, which flow into the Baltic Sea? Poland

What is the capital of Iran? (Tehran)

Lusitania was the Roman name for which EU country? PORTUGAL

What are the two crown dependencies of the British Isles? Isle of Mann & Channel Isles

In which country is Timbuktu? Options: Peru, Tunisia, or Mali? Answer: Mali

If your geographical position was 0° latitude, 0° longitude, where in the world would you be? Options: Greenwich, Ghana, The Atlantic Ocean - Answer: The Atlantic Ocean

What name is given to the notorious tidal current in the Lofoten islands off northern Norway? Maelstrom

In which two countries is the third-highest mountain in the world? India and Nepal - Kanchenjunga

The Vinson Massif is the highest mountain of which continent? Antarctica

What South American country is named after an Italian City ? VENEZUELA (LITTLE VENICE)

Paraguay has borders with Argentina, Brazil and which other country? Bolivia

Guyana has borders with Brazil, Surinam and which other country? Venezuela

Rabat is the capital of which Kingdon? Morocco

What word meaning a low pressure belt of surface winds at the equator, can mean a bout of emotional depression? Doldrums


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