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Seasonal and Christmas Quiz Questions

Who was the first ever man seen of Channel 4? RICHARD WHITELY

What was Don Diego De La Vega's secret identity? ZORRO

Who teamed up with Nancy Sinatra for the 1971 hit 'Did You Ever'? Lee Hazlewood

Who links Yazoo and Erasure? Vince Clarke

Who was Jimmy Somerville's partner in the Communards? Richard Coles

Who cover of an Elvis song gave the Pet Shop Boys a number one in 1987? Always on My Mind

Who joined Billy Preston on the 1979 hit 'With You I'm Born Again'? Syreeta

Which two singers joined forces in 1986 for 'On My Own'? Patti Lebelle and Michael McDonald

Which sixties duo could have been called Stewart and Clyde? Chad and Jeremy

Which band had a hit in 1986 with 'Sometimes'? Erasure

Which pair pleaded 'Don't Stay Awar Too Long'? In 1974? Peters and Lee

What was the title of the Pet Shop Boys second UK number one? It' a Sin

Which girl duo got to number five in the charts in 1984 with 'Since Yesterday'? Strawberry and Switchblade

What was Peter and Gordon's follow-up to 'A World Without Love'? Nobody I Know

With whom did Elton John release a live version of 'Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me'? in 1991? George Michael

For whom was it 'Yesterday Once More' in 1973? The Carpenters

Which Everly Brothers classic was a hit for Bobbie Gentry and Glen Campbell in 1969? All I Have To Do Is Dream

Which two country artists got together for 'Islands In The Steam' in 1983? Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

Who has daughters called Fifi Trixibelle and Peaches? Bob Geldof

Which actor was reported last week of having been the target of an Al-Queada kidnap plot in 2001? Russell Crowe

What is Ozzy Osborne' real first name? John

Which actor played the 8th Doctor Who in a one-off TV Movie made by America in 1996? Paul McGann

Which comedy duo lived in Oil Drum Lane? Steptoe and Son

Which duo foiled master criminal Feathers McGraw? Wallace & Gromit

What is the name of the boy at the centre of the Michael Jackson abuse trial? Gavin Arvizo

In which year did Robbie Williams leave Take That? 1995

Who wrote The Sound of Music? RODGERS & HAMMERSTEIN

What is the small town in which called in which Clark Kent grew up? Smallville

Which very popular animated series has characters called Dizzy, Scoop and Muck? BOB THE BUILDER

What film remake is Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson currently working on? King Kong

In which year did the yellow puppet Flat Eric reach number 1 and Britney achieve her first UK #1? 1999

Which Nintendo arcade game first introduced the character of Mario? Donkey Kong

Which musical does "youll never walk alone" come from? Carousel

In 2003, which entertainer sparked interested with a publicity stunt of apparently cutting off his ear during a press conference? David Blaine

Charles Bronson who died in 2003 was best know for the film Death Wish. In which year was it released? 1974

In a 2003 list compiled by the US film industry (actors, dir, critics), who was voted best screen villain? Hannibal Lecter

Who directed the film Dune? A) David Lynch, b) Ridley Scott, c) David Fincher - answer A

How is Ilyena Lydia Mironoff better known? Hellen Mirren

Who, upon splitting with her partner said, "At least I can wear high heels now."? Nicole Kidman

Who replaced Rick Waller in the finals of the UK TV programme in 2002 "Pop Idol"? Darius Danesh

One half of a comedy due, by what name was Arthur Jefferson better known? Stan Laurel

Which dancer created the role of Mr Mistoffolees in the original stage production of Cats in May 1981? Wayne Sleep

What is the name of the cross eyed lion in "Daktari"? Clarence

Who directed the film Crash? David Kronenberg

Who said of Mick Jagger: I'm sure he'll find someone else to be unfaithful to soon.? Jerry Hall

Who wrote the first series of Black Adder? Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson

The song, Ain't Misbehavin' was written by which famous jazz musician? Fats Waller

In which BBC TV series did Jean Alexander play Auntie Wainwright? Last of the Summer Wine

Alison Hannigan plays which character in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Willow

Who were the writers of the TV comedy series Father Ted? Graham Linehan &Arthur Matthews

Who wrote and composed the opera Oedipus Rex? Stravinsky

The Matrix reloaded took $93 mil in its opening US weekend, a record secondly only to which previous film? Spider-man

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