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Free Tie Breakers for Pub Quiz

Complete Quiz Packs

At the link below you will be able to browse for complete packages of questions which should make your pub quiz evening a breeze. They have a wide range of questions and categories and are a very popular option.

Click here for Complete Quiz Packs

From this page you can click over to the freequizzes website where they have an unrivalled selection of complete packs for your quiz night. An example pictured on the right here is the picture round from their Bumper Selection!

An example pack includes a mixed bag, a films round, then 'famous Dicks' (no, it's not what you think!), drink, conections, some sport and other general knowledge.

Other example selections include rounds on certain decades such as the 1990s, birds, Germans and many more!

These complete packs are an excellent and affordable way to solve all your problems for quiz-setting in one go!


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