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Flaybrick National Bat Study Centre (Wirral)

Flaybrick Chapels Past and Present

The Roman Catholic Chapel was demolished in 1971 and a memorial wall was erected on its site. The beautiful Non Conformist and Church of England Chapel was last used in 1975, and is still standing as a ruin (just). The roof was removed and the spire taken down in the 1980's. The walls exterior and interior are covered in carvings of saints, plants and animals as well as religious icons and symbols. Unfortunately the structure of the chapel is degenerating rapidly and although there have been several attempts to restore the chapel to a usable building it remains ruined.

At present, spurred by the members of the local bat group, the Friends of Flaybrick are putting together a proposal for a National Bat Study Centre in the chapel. It is an extensive project and would involve the correct restoration of the buildings to a bat friendly roost and hibernacula, as well as provision for study groups and local community meetings. The project would also re-erect the spire onto the Birkenhead skyline.

Natural History

There are over 100 different species of trees and shrubs in the Memorial Gardens including Oak, Ash, Hornbeam, Lime, Larch, Yew, Rowan, Whitebeam, Crab Apple, Holly, Pine, Monkey Puzzle, Irish Yew, Silver Birch, Beech, Rhododendron, Sycamore, Laurel, Elder, Cherry, Horse Chestnut and Sweet Chestnut.

The habitat is used by small birds, frogs and toads, butterflies, moths, bumble bees, dragon flies and other invertebrates, small mammals like shrew, mice, voles, bats, hedgehogs, squirrels and foxes as well as sparrow hawks and owls. A variety of mosses and lichens can be found on the headstones (and trees) throughout the memorial gardens. The area acts as an extension to the wildlife potential of neighbouring Bidston Hill, whose management is sympathetic to the Bat Study Centre Project. The site also acts as a corridor for wildlife between Birkenhead Park and Bidston Hill.

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