Lock Ah Tam
Guilty or Not Guilty?

Cecilia Ah Tam


Catherine's Body Being Carried

Lock Ling Ah Tam at Funeral

Chinese on Grave

Lock Ah Tam

Tam's House

Catherine & Cecelia's Funeral Procession

Sir Edward Marshall Hall K.C.


Doris Ah Tam

St Catherine's Hospital

Chester Crown Court
Chester Crown Court

The Dock at Court Number 1

Walton Gaol

Declaration of Sheriff

Production, design and photography by John Moffat, Secretary, Friends of Flaybrick
Research by S. Petris, Chair Friends of Flaybrick
Translation by F. Chen, Chair of British and Chinese Children's Association.
Chester Crown Court Photograph by Permission of Mr Markwhite, Court Administrator
Pitt Street and Walton Gaol Photographs Courtesy Liverpool Library Archive
Marshall Hall Photograph Courtesy Radio Times Hulton Library
Display Funded by The Wirral Society

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