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  Stone Pine  

The Mediterranean Touch

Key Facts
Species: Stone Pine, Pinus pinea Location: Top of Grange Road, West Kirby, CH48 4EE
Height: 11m (2004) Access: Open
Diameter: 61cm (2004) Best time to see: Anytime
Planting Date: Unknown but probably about 1860 Threats: None
Tree Register of British Isles Status: Class 3 Who looks after the tree: Streetscene
  Tree warden none
Tree Register of British Isles Number: 159735
Can I grow one in my garden? No – too big
Tree Preservation Order Number: none Date of Photo: February 2010

Therapeutic and Medicinal Qualities

Pine trees, though not this particular type, are an important source of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPSs, also known as pycnogenol) which are helpful in treating varicose veins and heart disease. In addition they also protect against cell damage which can give a role in cancer prevention. Interestingly, its cones are often ground down to make bread in Mediterranean countries.



A landmark tree which beautifully frames the view of Hilbre Island from the top of Black Horse Hill. The tree is very common in Mediterranean countries and features in the well-known views along the Amalfi coastline. It is a rarity in this country and the story of how it came to be planted can be read on the West Kirby local history website

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