Great Trees  

A Tree for All Seasons

Key Facts
Species: Copper Beech - Fagus sylvatica "purpurea" Location: CH64  2XR
Height: 15 m (2011) Access: Open.
Diameter: 80cm (2011) Best time to see: Practically all year round.
Age: Planted about 1936 Threats: None
Tree Register of British Isles Status: Not registered Who looks after the tree? -
Tree Register of British Isles Number: Not registered Tree warden: None
Tree Preservation Order Number : none Can I grow one in my garden? No, too large
  Date of photo: 2010

Therapeutic and Medicinal Qualities

Used for the Bache flower remedy which helps to develop  tolerance. The nuts are both tasty and nutritious.


Not only a very good specimen of this tree it is also a good example of a community tree. Planted to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of King George the 5th in 1935, (see nearby plaque), it provides a focal point for the village of Willaston. A dedicated junction box transforms it into a Christmas tree during the festive season. Then an under planting of crocuses herald the spring before finally, the tree puts coppery summer foliage. There are three in Flaybrick and the best one is in CE2.

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