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Tulips in Port Sunlight

Key Facts
Species: Tulip Tree   Liriodendron tulipifera Location: Adjacent to the bridge in The Dell, Port Sunlight. CH62 4US
Height: 17m (2011) Access: Open..
Diameter: 68cm (2011) Best time to see: Either early June to see the flowers or September to see its stunning autumn yellow colouring.
Planting Date: not known Threats: None.
Tree Register of British Isles Status: Not registered Who looks after the tree: Not known.
Tree Register of British Isles Number: Not registered
Tree warden: none
Tree Preservation Order Number: none Can I grow one in my garden? Yes in a large garden.
  Date of Photo: March 2009

Therapeutic and Medicinal Qualities

Therapeutic and Medicinal Qualities – none.



This is the biggest known example of this tree on the Wirral. The tree was George Washington’s favourite and the tree he planted on his estate at Mount Vernon is now 140 ft tall. Because he wanted to spend more time with his beloved trees he declined to serve third term as president of the USA and that set a president. So if you are not a fan of certain American presidents you can thank trees for limiting their activities to two terms. There are two tulip trees in Flaybrick, but the best one is in CE11.

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